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Truebill Review: Can This App Really Save You Thousands?

Truebill Review


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  • A plethora of features for a new financial app such as lowering bills, monitoring your subscriptions, outage monitoring, and even saving you money on your electricity (in some areas).
  • Free to download
  • Compared to most of the apps in this category, Truebill is a good contender


  • They take 40% of the total refunded amount for the first years savings. This figure is high. However, if they don't save you anything, you aren't charged.

Truebill has identified a ton of money in potential savings for their users to date! In this Truebill review, you'll learn if it's too good to be true.

Financial automation is such a revelation, but with its downsides, you can keep getting billed automatically even when you no longer use a service that you subscribed to. That is where Truebill can help you.

By using personalized data Truebill can help you manage your finances better, and this Truebill review article will determine if Truebill really is up to the task.

What is Truebill?

truebill review

Truebill is an automated financial assistant that can help you manage your subscriptions, lower your bills, save you money, and keep you on top of your financial life.

To use Truebill, you want to first connect your bank accounts and credit cards so that our software can analyze your transactions.  Once you do that, we automatically find all your subscriptions and recurring bills, which appear in the “Recurring” tab of the app.  From there, you can click on any Subscription to see details and cancel unneeded ones.  You can cancel yourself, or, if you choose to join Truebill Premium, our concierges will do it for you!

You can also use Truebill to lower your bills.  To do this, you want to click on the “TrueProtect” card on your dashboard, then add the various bills that you'd like to lower.  Premium users can also turn on Fee Refunds, to have our concierges automatically request refunds when you get bank fees.

How It Works

The Truebill app uses various ways to save money. They include –

1. Lowering Your Bills

By using Lower My Bills, Truebill negotiates with a lot of service providers to cut your bill down. To do this, you will have to upload a recent bill from any service provider or connect to your account. Provide info regarding the service and allow the app to negotiate a reduced rate by getting a promotional plan, cutting back on any bogus fees, and just reducing the rate. Truebill takes a 40% commission of the yearly savings to do this.

2. Monitoring Your Subscription

When you enter your account info into the Truebill app, it conducts a review and then flags all your recurring bills and bill changes. It then tries to ascertain if the bill can be lowered. It will also help you know when you will get billed by mapping your bills using a calendar. This can help you to alter your behavior, stop subscriptions, etc. with the premium version; you can cancel services in-app. The app can also request for refunds.

3. Outage Monitoring

Truebill can monitor the internet & cable providers around your area and request that your account is credited if an outage exists.

4. Electric Economy

Although accessible for only some areas, the app can run a search to help you save on electric bill by locating the lowest price for every kilowatt.

Truebill Fees

Although free to download, the premium version requires an upgrade fee of $35.99 or you pay $4.99 monthly. Using the app to lower bills will result in a 40% charge of your savings yearly.

Truebill Privacy

Your information is safe with Truebill. There are credit card adverts, as well as, insurance adverts and your info will only be given to these firms if you decide to deal with them. Apart from that, the Truebill application is very safe to use with no privacy issues.

Truebill Verdict

A lot of money is spent on subscriptions annually, and apps like Truebill can help to provide insights that will help you manage your spending more efficiently so that you can get the best deals every time.

Truebill has a larger scope than other service cancellation apps and upgrading to the premium version for a month to try the app out might be what you need to decide if to upgrade or go back to the free mode. This Truebill review article helps to make it clear that Truebill can actually help you to make some savings on the number of dollars that you spend every year. Give it a try today as it is totally legitimate.

truebill review


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Truebill Review
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