The right product for your savings goals.

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Earn 5.00% APY, we bring you high-yielding savings products where it actually pays to stash cash. Get the top savings accounts and earn more than 50x the national average savings rate.

Earn up to 5%

Annual interest paid daily

FDIC insured

Typically $250,000 per person

Explore popular savings products

Boost Your APY

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2023 Award Winner
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What is SavingExpert?

SavingExpert brings together high-yielding savings products offered by a network of U.S. financial institutions. It’s your destination to discover competitive savings products and start saving wisely. Select and fund multiple savings products from different institutions and manage them all from one account.


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in 3 simple steps!


the right product for your savings goals.


with an email address and password, then verify your identity and bank information.

Start saving

Start getting paid to stash your cash in a high-yield savings account tailored to you.

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Savings products from our network of financial institutions offer flexible terms and some of the most competitive interest rates. You can easily find the right product or mix of products for you.

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